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I’m Miguel Solis.

As a former public school teacher, current school board trustee and leader of a national non-profit, I have worked tirelessly over the years to understand our great city and bring a fresh approach to the same old problems, with success. Dallas needs a Mayor that mirrors its vibrancy and energy— a new leader with new ideas, solutions and a proven track record of getting results. I am running for Mayor of Dallas because —

I know that together, we can shape a new Dallas for all.



Miguel is committed to making Dallas a better place to live and work, no matter who you are or how you grew up. Read more about his priorities for Dallas as mayor.


The Economy

By most measures, Dallas’ economy is booming. We have low unemployment and thriving companies. But too many Dallas residents are being left out of this growth, leading to growing disparities and persistent poverty.



Dallas Independent School District has made incredible progress improving our city’s education system. But Miguel knows there’s much more that needs to be done to help every child in Dallas achieve their full potential.



Dallas is the most unaffordable city in Texas, and it’s only getting worse. Miguel will work with the Council to update our zoning and building laws to require affordable housing units be included in new developments.


Public Safety

Response times for most crimes have gone up over the last few years, as the city has struggled to hire and retain police officers. Too many of our officers are being recruited to surrounding cities and towns because of the rising cost of living.


Miguel knows that a mayor’s first responsibility is to keep Dallas a clean, safe and well-run city. He will prioritize filling potholes and re-paving deteriorating roads that slow traffic, damage cars and cause more congestion.

Diversity & Inclusion

The echoes of racism and injustice are still present in the segregation of Dallas’ neighborhoods today. Miguel is committed to breaking down the barriers that have divided us in order to create a more integrated city.

The Plan



Dallas has made great progress…

But as a candidate for mayor, I know there is much left to be done to create clearer paths to opportunity and prosperity for ALL of our Dallas neighbors. In this race for Dallas mayor, I’m taking the time to listen to you and hear what you want our next mayor to do.

The next Mayor of Dallas should:

  • listen and learn from the community

  • understand the value of the diversity of Dallas

  • build coalitions and work with her/his colleagues on the council

  • partner with educational institutions to bolster their improvement efforts

  • work with businesses to help grow, recruit and retain their talent

  • tackle the affordable housing crisis

  • lift up the working poor

  • eradicate food and transportation deserts

  • provide young people with a chance to serve their city

  • knit together a city torn apart by decades of segregation


I agree - these things are important and I’m ready to be that leader for you.



Join Us


We've been listening and learning from you over the past year, and you've made it clear: the old ways of doing things just won't work anymore. Together we can bring new ideas and a fresh approach to City of Dallas leadership and tackle the critical issues our communities face. To be a part of this people-powered movement, please let us know how we can stay in touch.

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