The Economy


Creating An Economy That Works For Everyone

By most measures, Dallas’ economy is booming. We have low unemployment and thriving companies. But too many Dallasites are being left out of this growth, leading to growing disparities and persistent poverty. These divides mirror a sad history of segregation that has fractured our city by race, geography and class. Miguel feels everyone in Dallas should be able to share in our success.

He believes the most important step is giving people the skills they need to get good jobs right here in Dallas. That’s why Miguel would expand the career and collegiate academies in DISD and partner with local employers, unions and community colleges to tailor curriculum that will help our people get the training they need for a good job that can support a family.

Miguel also knows that wages must keep up with the cost of living if we are to help Dallas families get ahead. That’s why Miguel is committed to raising the pay of low-wage city workers—as he’s done in DISD—and encouraging local employers to do the same. Higher wages reduce turnover, create a more stable workforce, and helps many people avoid having to work a second job to make ends meet.

Miguel is the son of small business owners—his father eventually opened a tortilla factory after teaching for many years—and he’s committed to cutting regulations and red tape that hold back the growth of small businesses that can revitalize neighborhoods and create jobs.