It all started when…

Miguel is proud of the work he’s done to improve Dallas’ public schools, leading a turnaround that has reduced the number of failing schools from 43 to four and raised pay for teachers and principals. Miguel has also led the effort to dramatically expand English Language Learner (ELL) classes, to ensure that the 45% of DISD kids who speak other languages at home can master English and excel in the classroom. Ending the school to prison pipeline has been a top priority, by putting a stop to out of school suspensions that have criminalized young people, particularly boys of color.

But Miguel knows there’s much more that needs to be done to help every child achieve their potential. He would start by expanding affordable Pre-K to 20,000 Dallas children who don’t currently qualify, helping close the achievement gap and providing a critical early start to learning.

To ensure our kids are ready for the next step, Miguel would expand DISD’s college and career academies, arming students with the skills they need to get a higher education degree or a good-paying job.

And Miguel would continue to look for ways to increase pay for our outstanding teachers and principals who have helped drive the turnaround at DISD.