Addressing Affordable Housing & Homelessness

Dallas is the most unaffordable city in Texas, and it’s only getting worse. Miguel will work with the Council to update our zoning and building laws to require affordable housing units be included in new developments. And he’ll leverage the city’s land bank of vacant and undeveloped property to incentivize the building of new affordable housing units across the city. Miguel also believes we must help Dallasites in gentrifying neighborhoods be able to stay in their homes, so they too can benefit from the development of new grocery stores and amenities that have often bypassed their neighborhoods.

To end the long, painful history of segregation that has divided Dallas, it’s critical that affordable housing is available in every neighborhood. As we’ve seen in Mayor Rawlings’ push to revitalize South Dallas, we can bring real change to long underserved neighborhoods. But it’s important that those communities have an equal seat at the table when development is being discussed. We can and must create a more inclusive city, and that starts with ensuring a strong supply of affordable housing.

Finally, the next mayor must tackle the rising rate of homelessness that is leaving too many people vulnerable on our streets. That starts with making mental health and substance abuse counseling available to those in need, and focusing on providing drop-in centers and spill over shelters for homeless youth who are trying to go to school. Miguel also supports pilot programs like City Square’s tiny homes that serve as starter housing for the homeless.