Public Safety


Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

Response times for most crimes have gone up over the last few years, as the city has struggled to hire and retain police officers. Too many of our officers are being recruited to surrounding cities and towns because of the rising cost of living. While the city passed a raise for first responders last year, more needs to be done to raise wages and increase the number of officers on the beat.

Miguel will work to attract current police officers and firefighters to live in the city by offering housing incentives, while supporting new first responders and teachers with breaks on rent. This initiative would include things like low-interest home loans that can be forgiven over the course of a period of service to the city, salary bumps for police and firefighters who relocate back to the city and earmarks in a housing trust fund that first responders can use to help them secure a home.

In addition, it’s important that we create a talent pipeline that will become the next generation of Dallas police officers and firefighters. Miguel is working with DISD high schools and local community colleges to create career pathways for local students to get on a fast track to a career as a first responder.

Finally, we must do more to build and maintain trust between first responders and the communities they serve. It’s important that the mayor spend time in every neighborhood, listening to residents’ concerns. Miguel will set the tone for a collaborative city government that works with the people of Dallas by holding weekly Mayor’s Night Out events, where residents can talk directly to first responders and city staff, as well as the mayor. Being visible and letting communities know the mayor is listening to them is vital to building trust.